Introducing Aly!

Hi there! My name is Aly and I am beyond excited to introduce myself. For those of you who do not know me, I have just completed my education and internship to become a Registered Dietitian. I have my master’s in public health and am considered “RD Eligible” until I take my board exam! This journey has been pretty amazing thus far and I have grown in so many ways. I have had tremendous support from my family and friends during this long journey and I am so thankful for all of it! I cannot wait to see where this career will take me.

I’m so blessed and lucky to have met Kelsey! We first met a long while ago when we did gymnastics. We were then re-introduced through a common friend; we chatted and believe in so many of the same aspects in dietetics. Turns out we make a pretty bomb team together! So, she’s taken me under her wing, and I have never been more excited to have her as a mentor, colleague and friend. I’m sure I don’t have to tell any of her readers how awesome she is!

This is me. I am 24 years old; I use the pronouns she/her/hers. I’ve been a personal trainer for 3 years and I believe in joyful movements. Personally, my favorite types of joyful movement include running with my dog, hiking, dancing, and lifting weights here and there. Other things I enjoy include reading (mostly Harry Potter), knitting, painting and watching tv. I have a dog (best friend) named Luna and two kitties – Cocoa and Oreo. My favorite foods include anything that has cheese, potatoes in literally any form, and donuts.

I originally entered the field of nutrition thinking it would give me all the answers. It seemed like there was a “right” way to eat or nourish ourselves, and I wanted to know what it was. I ran Division I track and field, I felt that learning more about nutrition would make me a better runner. Well, I didn’t learn the “answers” or the “right” way to eat (because there aren’t answers or a right way to eat), I learned much more. I don’t have the answer to your health, and I don’t have a diet to “fix” you, because you’re awesome just the way you are. Nutrition and food are SO much more than trying to shrink our bodies, count our calories or dieting. Once we stop allowing diet culture to tell us how to live, once we let go of our rigid rules, once we begin being kind to ourselves and our bodies, I believe we begin to live our lives to the extent we were meant to.

You can take the leap and heal your relationship with food. I can’t wait to help you on your journey in any way I can. SO EXCITED!

Thanks for reading! Sending you positive vibes,


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Lawrence Place

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Saturday’s 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Welcome! I’m Kelsey, a Registered Dietitian and young woman on a mission to contribute to anti-diet culture. I’m so excited to have you along for this journey!