Workshop Series

Join this dietitian lead workshop series to provide guidance in building confidence around healthy habits. Intuitive eating is a weight inclusive practice to empower those who have been through the dieting ringer to re-nourish all parts of their lives. A group of eager learners will be led through the ten principals of Intuitive Eating during an eight-week series of nutrition therapy in order to cultivate compassion for renewed food relationships.

Send us a message to begin exploring the more joyful alternative to dieting, and develop community support in standing up against diet culture.

All experiences welcome!



Includes 12 hours of group nutrition therapy, one FREE individual nutrition consult following the series, and access to a private Facebook Group with all current and past IE group members.

Participants will be expected to pay for all eight workshops, although payment plans can be accommodated. If participants miss any workshops, they will be responsible for doing that week’s work on their own time; however, we will make ourselves available via email to provide guidance for these situations!

JOIN US: (minimum of 4 participants required)



55$ Pay As You Go


Past IE and current YAH members: 5 courses of choice – 200$, 10 courses – 400$

New members: 5 courses of choice – 250$, 10 courses – 500$

Understanding The World of HAES

Join Kelsey, RD for a tune up on the World of HAES® (Health At Every Size), including a deeper dive into the research, a discussion on health determinants, ending with an engaging activity to determine your own health values and goals. All are welcome to explore their relationship with health and goals in this safe space.

Actively Rejecting Diet Culture

Join Kelsey, RD for a deeper reminder of the truth behind Diet Culture. This course will reveal more research, basic metabolic education, and engaging activities used to encourage and plan for active ways to reject diet culture. All are welcome to discuss and explore diet culture in this safe space.

Feeling and Understanding your Hunger/Fullness

Join Kelsey, RD for a brief science lesson on the biology of hunger and fullness. This is only the start to understanding ways our bodies influence our eating habits! Leave with a better understanding of things that affect your appetite, and ways to use the skill of hunger/fullness awareness to work on body trust. 

Making Peace with Food, Over and Over and Over

Join Kelsey, RD in a discussion of learned food morality, and how this piece of diet culture plays a part of what’s holding you back from peace with food! This will be a safe space to explore past and present food myths, and how we can move forward in harmony of body and food.

Challenging the Food Police

Join Kelsey, RD in developing and understanding of how our diet beliefs affect our thoughts and actions around food choices. It’s time to identify the Food Police and kick those habits to the curb for good! This is a safe space to engage in challenging the things that have been holding you back from a better relationship with food.

Body Image (and Respect)

Join Kelsey, RD in a deep dive into body image: the history, the present, and ways to improve your body feels! The focus will be on body respect, with activities meant to encourage individual healing at any pace for all comfort levels.

Feelings and Food 

Join Kelsey, RD in learning to distinguish between emotional eating and non-attuned eating: detect vulnerabilities, discuss ways to strengthen your emotional muscles, and engage in an activity to help determine actions moving forward. All are welcome to use this as a safe space in working toward a more peaceful food relationship.

Exercise: Feel the Difference 

Join Kelsey, RD in collaboration with Ally Comeau, ACSM and ‘RD to-be’, in developing a better understanding in engaging in joyful movement: dive into how to put your body in motion even if standard exercise isn’t your favorite. We will discuss ways to shift the focus from weight loss and burning calories to enjoying movement in ways that are fun and good for your well-being. What better place to talk shop than Young At Heart!

Self Care and Compassion in physical health

How does your stress affect your health? Join Kelsey, RD in exploring the connection between physical, mental, and emotional health including a quick physiology lesson and heavy focus on setting goals and making a change. Leave this safe space feeling clear-headed and ready to take on the world!

Gentle Nutrition: IE Meal Planning

Want some guidance, tips, and tricks for easy meal prep and planning? This course is for you! Join Kelsey, RD for a reminder of basic nutrition education, and how to turn your knowledge into taking charge of your food choices week by week. You’ll leave with both encouragement AND ideas!

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Looking to explore joyful movement? We’ve got you covered!

Grab your FREE Movement Menu for some self-paced exploration in how to find peace with movement! If looking for more guidance, visit our contact page to request an individual appointment!

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