Thank You.

Thank you for not talking about your diet.

Thank you for respecting that not everyone is in a place to discuss food, assumed food morals, weight, and/or body sizes. And that not everyone cares.

Thank you for noticing that even as sisters, all of our bodies are different, and thank you for not commenting on them. Ever.

Thank you for not equating health to thinness, and perpetuating this awful, ridiculous message that being or having fat is innately bad or wrong.

Thank you for recognizing that there are much more significant and interesting ways to participate in conversation – the weather, a recent movie you’ve seen, a cool work project, that romantic date you went on, your pet guinea pig [literally anything else].

Thank you for not using silly phrases around delicious food such as “cheating” or “indulging.” And thank you for still choosing to eat ice cream with us anyways.

Thank you for not commenting on food choices, and for never ever judging one choice over another. Thank you for respecting our strive to remain intuitive and supportive of one another, always.

Thank you for enjoying movement with us, without making comments on calories burned, steps taken, or the weight loss challenge at your gym. And thank you for joining us in creating judgment-free spaces in which we can all explore what our amazing bodies can do.

Thank you for not talking about “your summer bod” while still basking in the summer sun with us. Thank you for making beach days, safe days, during which we can sip adult beverages and eat our bagged lunches and tumble like mermaids in the ocean waves.

Thank you for celebrating holidays with us, without conversations riddled with anxiety and guilt around eating foods you’re “forbidden” in your most recent diet. And thank you for peacefully allowing us all to enjoy our Thanksgiving stuffing and Christmas cookies with you.

Thank you for having fun at slumber parties with us. For the ability to play games and have a movie in the background and always pause for snack before bed.

Thank you for understanding that sometimes a change in topic is needed, especially one that is passing judgment on others’ bodies, appearance, or assumed health status in any way.

Thank you for being full of kindness, and respect, and agreeing to disagree when needed. Thank you for the loving hugs and normalizing of food and bodies.

Thank you for at least being sensitive to diet culture norms, if not rejecting them with us entirely.

Thank you for not talking about your diet.

Sisters Kate (Left), Erin (middle), and Kelsey (Right) kicking diet culture’s ass.

You’re Welcome.

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