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Writing your ‘story’ is much harder than it looks, but it’s certainly helped me realize that my story is actually a giant combination of how other people have contributed to my life. Some of this feels really really good, and some if it, well, not so much. But that’s how it all works right? The good, the bad, and the ugly have all brought me here and I’m finally able to share it!

My Story

I was first introduced to the seriousness of this diet culture when my younger sister was diagnosed with an eating disorder in 2011. I was only nineteen but I remember seeing my life in re-run mode (a couple of times) thinking about how hard our parents had worked to teach us about life – the basics included The Golden Rule and “Everything in Moderation.” Somehow, we were just never prepared for this.

So, in the midst of a crisis of course we all took it upon ourselves to 1) love each other, 2) learn more, and 3) spread some serious knowledge. Since this experience we’ve used our family as a pillar for education, discussion, and comfort to those who need it. I’m so glad to have been able to bring this part of my personal life into my professional life, and truly hope it can serve to support others who aim to heal their bodies and minds.

As a curious little girl, a [super] sensitive adolescent, a [sometimes] confident young woman and a Registered Dietitian I’ve picked up about a million and two messages about how I “should be” throughout my life. Ultimately, I’ve developed a pretty kick butt relationship with food and I’ve now chosen to surround myself with those who aren’t as comfy cozy with their own. In 2015 I dove into a career as a clinical inpatient dietitian where I provide support and nutrition counseling to patients with all types of eating disorders. Some days I feel defeated by the negativity and strength of diet-culture, and others I leave with my head held high in a sea of hopeful smiles from patients of all walks of life.

So I’ve created this place to cultivate a haven of judgment-free conversations around food beliefs, fears, and goals. I hope to help those that are ready to learn more about fueling their bodies and more positive relationships with food in a way that can spark an incredible quality of life.

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